June 17, 2009


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This appears to be a new author, but goodness knows if they were writing somewhere else previously.  The skill certainly implies it.  Step One by Aaron Cronin is a quick Iron Man story that manages to be both funny and touching at the same time–and that addresses an issue that often goes ignored.  Very clever, and a read that leaves me wanting more.


June 3, 2009

Book recommendation

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Grace Livingston Hill’s Crimson Roses.  One of many, many romances by Ms. Hill, most of them with Christian themes; they are almost all set either during the Depression or the Great War, and vary in quality, but this one is my favorite.  It has the sort of delicate romance that is hardly thought of any longer, and while the heroine presents as meek, she has a strong will.  Also, there’s not too much of the Prohibition sensibilities that feel so odd to the modern reader.  Not for everyone–one must have a taste for early-twentieth-century literature–but not heavy going and simply a tender, sweet story.

May 31, 2009

For all those who love Doc Robbins…

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tres_mechante‘s Book Lovers.  Not graphic but definitely adult.  Marvelous!

April 11, 2009

Happy Pre-Easter!

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First off, I want to recommend Cincoflex’s new Pseudonym to all you Happy Hogan (or Copra Cabana) fans out there. Even taciturn chauffeurs need love, and she supplies it perfectly!

Second, she’s also mostly responsible for Feast, which is an Easter story only for the eggs as it misses the original point entirely. But it was fun to write. Please note, I am resurrecting my personal rating of Unabashedly Sentimental for this one. Previously unknown levels of fluff. You Have Been Warned.

Now, do I bother going in to work this afternoon, or not?