June 15, 2009

Lost and Found

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This is my little virus-bunny from April, finished and tidied up.  Lost and Found is rated NC-17 for smut-lite, and is Iron Man and Tony/Pepper.  It’s also more angsty than I usually get, but this is an idea I’ve wanted to explore for some time. Many, many thanks to [info]cincoflex for betawork, enthusiasm, major reassurance, patiently rereading, and of course the banners. And a special thanks to [info]mingsmommy for another POV and expert advice on Charleston!


May 25, 2009

Sneaking in under the wire

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Happy birthday, inalichenmanner!  *tosses confetti*  Many happy returns of the day!  Just for you, I finished Of Doctors and Detectives.  😀  Thank you for goading me into it in the first place, and I hope your day was wonderful.

May 19, 2009

Palmer’s Kiss

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Whaddya know, I’m done.  *boggle*

Cincoflex once again made the banner (I’ve been saving this one) and encouraged, admonished, cheered, shored up, and in all ways made this story possible. I’ve been writing it since last autumn; you’d think she’d get tired of it, but she soldiered on! *wink* Thank you, love.

Palmer’s Kiss, Chapter 15 and Epilogue.  Thanks for reading!


May 7, 2009


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Quick and unbetaed, inspired by comments about spoilers on the tonypepper community. Heh. Rated PG just to be on the safe side. Please note, I know almost nothing about the comics, so I’m faking most of this.
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April 29, 2009

Chapter 13

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Short and late, but up. *grumble* I need more sleep.

Palmer’s Kiss, Chapter 13.

April 21, 2009

Chapter 12

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The latest chapter of Palmer’s Kiss is now up, with much genuflecting in Cincoflex’s direction! *hearts* This fandom has changed me; I didn’t used to think of a chapter of over 4400 words as “short”. Oh well, so goes the bunny.

April 14, 2009

Palmer’s Kiss, Chapter 11

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Now up.  This chapter is dedicated to my sister-in-love, who not only introduced me to the term Tony uses within, but shares his opinion thereof, if not for the same reasons.  And, of course, Cincoflex is why this story exists at all!

Golly, I’m hungry.

April 11, 2009

Happy Pre-Easter!

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First off, I want to recommend Cincoflex’s new Pseudonym to all you Happy Hogan (or Copra Cabana) fans out there. Even taciturn chauffeurs need love, and she supplies it perfectly!

Second, she’s also mostly responsible for Feast, which is an Easter story only for the eggs as it misses the original point entirely. But it was fun to write. Please note, I am resurrecting my personal rating of Unabashedly Sentimental for this one. Previously unknown levels of fluff. You Have Been Warned.

Now, do I bother going in to work this afternoon, or not?

April 7, 2009

Next chapter up

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Work doesn’t have room for me to post any more, so if I don’t set it up Monday night… *shrug* Anyway, Chapter 10 of Palmer’s Kiss. Thanks to everyone who reads and double thanks to those of you who tell me what you think.

March 31, 2009


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Chapter 9 now up. Can I call this day back and have it reissued?

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