June 19, 2009

Look what Cinco made for me!

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Okay, the haiku are mine–she challenged me yesterday–but she illustrated them. Aren’t they marvelous? 😀  Thank you, dearest!

Plus the whole haiku idea is fun.  Try some of your own.


June 17, 2009


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This appears to be a new author, but goodness knows if they were writing somewhere else previously.  The skill certainly implies it.  Step One by Aaron Cronin is a quick Iron Man story that manages to be both funny and touching at the same time–and that addresses an issue that often goes ignored.  Very clever, and a read that leaves me wanting more.

June 15, 2009

Lost and Found

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This is my little virus-bunny from April, finished and tidied up.  Lost and Found is rated NC-17 for smut-lite, and is Iron Man and Tony/Pepper.  It’s also more angsty than I usually get, but this is an idea I’ve wanted to explore for some time. Many, many thanks to [info]cincoflex for betawork, enthusiasm, major reassurance, patiently rereading, and of course the banners. And a special thanks to [info]mingsmommy for another POV and expert advice on Charleston!

May 19, 2009

Palmer’s Kiss

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Whaddya know, I’m done.  *boggle*

Cincoflex once again made the banner (I’ve been saving this one) and encouraged, admonished, cheered, shored up, and in all ways made this story possible. I’ve been writing it since last autumn; you’d think she’d get tired of it, but she soldiered on! *wink* Thank you, love.

Palmer’s Kiss, Chapter 15 and Epilogue.  Thanks for reading!


May 7, 2009


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Quick and unbetaed, inspired by comments about spoilers on the tonypepper community. Heh. Rated PG just to be on the safe side. Please note, I know almost nothing about the comics, so I’m faking most of this.
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May 5, 2009

Hiatus time

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Yeah, Palmer’s Kiss is going on standby for a week while I chew on it. *sigh* Have a fluffbunny instead. The Rival is for Cincoflex, who patiently puts up with my muse cutting into our chat time!

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April 29, 2009

Chapter 13

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Short and late, but up. *grumble* I need more sleep.

Palmer’s Kiss, Chapter 13.

April 23, 2009


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I wasn’t going to take this plot bunny seriously, but oh well, thank you seanan_mcguire.  *snerk*  Iron Man, Tony/Pepper, rated PG.  Read at your own risk due to, um, provocative imagery, and no, it’s not what you’re thinking of.

Banner and rapid betaing by Cincoflex, who never fails me!


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April 21, 2009

Chapter 12

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The latest chapter of Palmer’s Kiss is now up, with much genuflecting in Cincoflex’s direction! *hearts* This fandom has changed me; I didn’t used to think of a chapter of over 4400 words as “short”. Oh well, so goes the bunny.

Another for the fans of Mr. Downey

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Bits from an interview here. Both Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes.  No new photos, though.

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