May 4, 2018

Old fic coming back online

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I am forging ahead with the new site.

Long-time readers have requested the reposting of a few stories that were only available on Light in the Mirror.  My updates are kind of random, but so far I have put up Breakfast at Grissom’s (CSI, GSR) and both parts of It (Iron Man, Tony/Pepper).

Please note that these are both NC-17 (which is why they weren’t on

If there’s something else you want to see, drop me a note.  Ditto for AO3; I’m porting things over there gradually, and I must say that the download function is extremely useful.


March 14, 2018


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Well, I’ve solved the biggest hurdle on my attempt at a new fic site.  Now, I may yet encounter one that makes me throw up my hands and quit Weebly, but for the moment I am going ahead on putting stuff back up.

So on that note, I will point out (for you long-time CSI/GSR fans) that Breakfast at Grissom’s is posted again.  I don’t think I’ll be announcing every repost here, but a few of ’em were available nowhere but on my Light in the Mirror site, including this one, so for anyone who was looking for it…

Please note that it is rated NC-17.

August 31, 2017

Your assistance, please?

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My fanfic Website, such as it is, may be shutting down soon, and in any case it’s showing its age. I’m experimenting with a Weebly site to host the stuff. If you’re interested and feeling kind, would you please visit it and tell me if it’s working? There’s very little there just yet, but I’ve got a basic framework roughed out.

Thank you!

June 17, 2009


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This appears to be a new author, but goodness knows if they were writing somewhere else previously.  The skill certainly implies it.  Step One by Aaron Cronin is a quick Iron Man story that manages to be both funny and touching at the same time–and that addresses an issue that often goes ignored.  Very clever, and a read that leaves me wanting more.