February 16, 2016

International Fanworks Day

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I missed it. ¬†ūüėõ ¬†Blame a sleep hangover; three-day weekends always verstrudle* my sleep schedule. ¬†But I’m putting up a few recs anyway.

the instinct to your charm by Sorrel–Jupiter Ascending, Jupiter/Caine. ¬†A look at the movie through Caine’s eyes. ¬†Not quite the usual characterization for him, and all the more delightful for it. ¬†My favorite JA fic by far, and I wish she would write the sequel she was considering, though I think she’s moved on from the fandom (alas).

The Roger and Hyacinth series by Cincoflex–Harry Potter with OCs. ¬†Two new students at Hogwarts post-Harry who become friends. ¬†The HP world is so rich, and so open to in-depth exploration; it’s a pity this hasn’t got the attention it deserves.

The Original Naked Quidditch Match by Anya (Evilgoddss on FF.net)–Harry Potter again. ¬†This thing is legendary, and hilarious; be warned, it was written before the series was completed, and is not what I’d call safe for work or small children.

Chicago Winter by Celli–UC: Undercover, and aren’t we hearking back with this! ¬†Talk about small fandoms. ¬†This is a quick, charming little piece that I think Donovan himself would have approved of.

Cardinality by Mossley–CSI: Las Vegas, GSR. ¬†Mossley is a legend among GSR fans; she seems to have withdrawn from the grid, which is too bad, but her fic lives on. ¬†Her casefiles were unmatched, and this is one of her best and still a favorite of mine. ¬†Trigger warning for lots and lots of blood, though. ¬†Heh, this story is how I knew what the docs were talking about when they put me on warfarin…


*This is probably spelled wrong, but my dad (from whom I got it) hasn’t given me a spelling I can find online.