August 28, 2017

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I dream more vividly and clearly if I leave off my CPAP machine. Which I try not to do, even though I usually enjoy the dreams, but this past weekend I kept drifting off without it.

The landscape set in trees, with ancient buildings half built into the ground, was stunning enough, but the colors–the sky was so deep a blue as to be almost upper-atmosphere, and the air was so clear.  And the light was brilliant.  There was a mud-edged road running past, that had a trick of looking like a tall cliff when one peered over the edge.  My mother had a guidebook about the place and we laughed at the illusion of the road.

And then it deteriorated into something that wanted to be horror but didn’t quite make it, invoking Labyrinth and The Princess Bride and voluntary sacrifice.  Which just shows my age, really.

But the colors.


May 26, 2009


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I just (finally) watched the 200th episode.


Also. Mr. Robert Downey Jr., I admire your acting talent and your determination, but please stay out of my dreams. Especially if you’re going to bring along a Sheltie. *sniffle* I miss my Fuzzy-butt.

April 16, 2009

On dreams and art

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Last night I dreamed of tidal waves, cliffs, churches, salt and ice, and Dale Midkiff.  Also that I was dreaming, which was disorienting when I thought myself to be awake anyway.

My latest plot bunny is running in my veins like a virus, and the only thing keeping me from working on it at my lunch break is the fact that if I start I probably won’t be able to stop.  Well, that and it’s probably going to be NC-17, muse willing, and this is a work computer.  It’s not letting me work on PK or anything else, which could be a problem given that I haven’t finished the next chapter yet, but I suppose I could take a week off if I had to.  I’m hoping I can get this one done by Sunday, at least in rough draft.

It’s an odd piece.  Much more angsty than I usually do, particularly for this fandom, and it is very defined–I know what’s to happen, it’s just a matter of getting the characters there.  The thing is, it’s full of emotion, and I keep looking at what I’ve written and wondering where the heck it’s all coming from, because I haven’t experienced anything remotely like what I’m putting Pepper through.  More so than usual, that is.

This sort of push from a story is rare, and I love it even as I grumble about it.  I wrote almost three thousand words yesterday, which is more than what I’d push for during NaNoWriMo, and I stopped only because I ran out of time.

I don’t even know if people will like this one, and it’ll probably be a while before I post it.  But just to write it is a joy all its own.

March 19, 2009


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I just woke up from a nap wherein I was dreaming, and to save the parentheses, I’m going to footnote this Robin McKinley-style.

Among many other things, I dreamed that my father was a government official* important enough to have Secret Service protection^. My mother and brother and I were out in the rain with a crowd of them† all holding umbrellas over us‡. My brother and I were amused because my father had done some cute joke for my mother’s birthday§☛, and we took great enjoyment in telling a naive Secret Service agent☂ about how Madeleine Albright’s husband☎ wrote suggestive messages on her birthday cakes✈.

You have no idea how much I wish the last part were real.

* He was.
^ He wasn’t.
† Does anybody besides the President get a crowd for their whole family?
‡ You can’t actually do that with umbrellas.
§ Which he has.
☛ It’s a long story involving balloons, a clown, and people dressed up as gorillas. It was hilarious.
☂ No such thing!
☎ They’re divorced.
✈ Sheet cakes, apparently.

February 20, 2009

The weirdness of my brain

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January 10, 2009


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Finding myself in some dream version of Half Magic wasn’t so odd as the realization, upon waking, that I actually don’t own a single E. Nesbit book aside from Melisande and possibly The Book of Dragons.  *frown*  This is definitely untoward.  It has been far too many years since I read her stuff.