May 26, 2009


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I just (finally) watched the 200th episode.


Also. Mr. Robert Downey Jr., I admire your acting talent and your determination, but please stay out of my dreams. Especially if you’re going to bring along a Sheltie. *sniffle* I miss my Fuzzy-butt.

April 16, 2009

On dreams and art

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Last night I dreamed of tidal waves, cliffs, churches, salt and ice, and Dale Midkiff.  Also that I was dreaming, which was disorienting when I thought myself to be awake anyway.

My latest plot bunny is running in my veins like a virus, and the only thing keeping me from working on it at my lunch break is the fact that if I start I probably won’t be able to stop.  Well, that and it’s probably going to be NC-17, muse willing, and this is a work computer.  It’s not letting me work on PK or anything else, which could be a problem given that I haven’t finished the next chapter yet, but I suppose I could take a week off if I had to.  I’m hoping I can get this one done by Sunday, at least in rough draft.

It’s an odd piece.  Much more angsty than I usually do, particularly for this fandom, and it is very defined–I know what’s to happen, it’s just a matter of getting the characters there.  The thing is, it’s full of emotion, and I keep looking at what I’ve written and wondering where the heck it’s all coming from, because I haven’t experienced anything remotely like what I’m putting Pepper through.  More so than usual, that is.

This sort of push from a story is rare, and I love it even as I grumble about it.  I wrote almost three thousand words yesterday, which is more than what I’d push for during NaNoWriMo, and I stopped only because I ran out of time.

I don’t even know if people will like this one, and it’ll probably be a while before I post it.  But just to write it is a joy all its own.

March 19, 2009


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I just woke up from a nap wherein I was dreaming, and to save the parentheses, I’m going to footnote this Robin McKinley-style.

Among many other things, I dreamed that my father was a government official* important enough to have Secret Service protection^. My mother and brother and I were out in the rain with a crowd of them† all holding umbrellas over us‡. My brother and I were amused because my father had done some cute joke for my mother’s birthday§☛, and we took great enjoyment in telling a naive Secret Service agent☂ about how Madeleine Albright’s husband☎ wrote suggestive messages on her birthday cakes✈.

You have no idea how much I wish the last part were real.

* He was.
^ He wasn’t.
† Does anybody besides the President get a crowd for their whole family?
‡ You can’t actually do that with umbrellas.
§ Which he has.
☛ It’s a long story involving balloons, a clown, and people dressed up as gorillas. It was hilarious.
☂ No such thing!
☎ They’re divorced.
✈ Sheet cakes, apparently.

February 20, 2009

The weirdness of my brain

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January 10, 2009


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Finding myself in some dream version of Half Magic wasn’t so odd as the realization, upon waking, that I actually don’t own a single E. Nesbit book aside from Melisande and possibly The Book of Dragons.  *frown*  This is definitely untoward.  It has been far too many years since I read her stuff.