June 3, 2009

Book recommendation

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Grace Livingston Hill’s Crimson Roses.  One of many, many romances by Ms. Hill, most of them with Christian themes; they are almost all set either during the Depression or the Great War, and vary in quality, but this one is my favorite.  It has the sort of delicate romance that is hardly thought of any longer, and while the heroine presents as meek, she has a strong will.  Also, there’s not too much of the Prohibition sensibilities that feel so odd to the modern reader.  Not for everyone–one must have a taste for early-twentieth-century literature–but not heavy going and simply a tender, sweet story.


March 22, 2009

Book of the Moment

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I just finished re-reading N. Lee Wood’s Looking for the Mahdi, which is a unique and fascinating near-future novel–now slightly out of date politically, as it was published in 1996, but that doesn’t matter. It’s complex, uncomfortable, and a great read, and while I do not recommend the author’s Faraday’s Orphans (ew ew EW) this one is a keeper. I always finish it and think “Why not?

February 1, 2009


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Walkabout Woman by Michaela Roessner (not Michael, Amazon.com is wrong), though actually I just finished it. A very interesting pre-apocolyptic novel, though I’m not at all sure it’s anywhere near accurate. I don’t enjoy it as much as Vanishing Point, which is really unique, and I recommend the latter if you can find a copy, but still–a great read.

January 14, 2009

The perversity of memory

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Speaking of books, there’s another one I need to look up–Harriet the Spy.  I don’t know why I no longer own a copy, but that one I want to reread before I decide whether I should again.

If I recall correctly, the sequel wasn’t as good.  But this is a book I haven’t thought about in years on end, really.  And I remember it as being pretty unique.  Hmmm.

My brain is weird.

January 10, 2009


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Finding myself in some dream version of Half Magic wasn’t so odd as the realization, upon waking, that I actually don’t own a single E. Nesbit book aside from Melisande and possibly The Book of Dragons.  *frown*  This is definitely untoward.  It has been far too many years since I read her stuff.