August 12, 2017


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I just got word that my fanfiction site is being moved to a different parent domain next month.  Now, I haven’t updated that poor thing in probably two years, due mainly to moving to a laptop and away from my nice WYSIWYG site-building software.  But I’m still writing fic (really.  I am).

I have no idea if this move will break all the links on my pages.  If so, fixing them all is cause to shudder; HttM alone has forty chapter pages, with about forty-five links per page (so my HTML skills are minimal.  Bite me).

The site does get a few readers every month.  I’m sure lots of people have old links and bookmarks from the CSI/GSR heyday.

As it is, I’m gradually copying fic over from to AO3, partly because it’s an easier site to use, partly because it offers the downloading option, which is very handy; partly because is just kind of annoying.  But I haven’t been copying everything.  Some of it doesn’t seem worth the effort, due to age or quality or length or context.*

Up until I stopped updating my site, it was the complete public collection, minus a few bits that were only posted on LJ.  There’s something to be said for having everything in one place, yet not cluttering up public feeds.^

I considered, briefly, renting server space somewhere and designing my own site.  But that’s outside my budget and considerably outside my coding skills, not to mention my visual imagination.  Cincoflex has very generously offered to host my stuff on her site, but I’m not sure that’s the answer either.

Are individual fic sites still a thing?  Is it possible to post stories on, say, WordPress, and still make it easy to search and access?  I kind of want something that’s under my control, but I don’t think I have the ability to make it happen.

I suppose I’ll have to redesign the whole thing, and I am very bad at visual design.  *grumble*  And it’s a project that’ll take months, no matter how I go about it.

Y’know, if I’d been just a year or two younger, I might have gotten into computer programming.  But when I was in high school that sort of thing was for the magnet students, not us regular plebes, and I don’t think my college offered courses like that.†  I suppose I could take a course on site building now, but see above statement about $.


*It’s a sliding scale anyway.  Most of these fandoms are pretty dead.  They get a few hits on AO3, but it may just be curiosity.

^I assume that someone rummaging around on my site is interested at least marginally in my writing.  Nobody wants to have to pick through little irrelevant bits while searching for a particular topic.

†This was still the early days of the personal computer.  I think HS had Apple IIs or some such, and college was very proud to own some of the first NeXTs.  My own PC was pre-Windows.



  1. ufgator1977 said,

    Is it possible to just copy the entire site to your hard drive and then do things at your leisure? I did that with the old NYPD Blue site that was on Geocities. I managed to bring all the pages along so that links actually work. Your CSI collection alone is worth the effort. Don’t forget, everything old is new these days. You never know when CSI might be revisited and lately on Tumblr I have seen a resurgence in Stargate due to MGM’s latest announcements. I would do what’s easiest for now and worry about something else later. Please keep us updated. I have seen so much really good fanfiction lost over the years and I would hate to see yours disappear as well.

  2. vrtrakowski said,

    Oh, I have all the files–I create them on my computer and then upload them, and I never get rid of anything. It’s just so terribly out of date and looks its age.

    Thank you, though–it’s good to know someone would miss it! 😀

  3. Suz said,

    Hi. Found this after much searching when I suddenly needed my fix of “Eleanor Rigby” and realised that Light In The Mirror had gone walkabout. So, yes the old stuff is still loved and wanted. In the UK we are getting re-runs of early-ish CSI which does re-awaken the desire to read some of the fanfic again.

    I don’t usually read fanfic for things I haven’t seen, but I got a notification of one of your Jupiter Ascending stories, which for some reason I read… then bought the DVD as fast as I could and fell in love with it, so you and your writing have made a difference to this lass.

  4. vrtrakowski said,

    Hello! I’m so sorry ER wasn’t where you looked for it. You can find that series at the account Cincoflex and I used jointly – the link is for that story. Cinco also has the old stuff up at

    I’m very glad people are still enjoying our early works! 😀 And I’m delighted (and flattered!) that you got into the glorious, messy delight that is Jupiter Ascending.

    Unfortunately Weebly is not proving as easy as I had hoped; moving stuff will take ten times as long if I have to go back and put in all the italics. *sigh* I may try another site instead. But nearly everything I’ve done is up at, at my page or the Bicoastal one. If you want something you can’t find, let me know and I’ll slap it up at AO3.

  5. Suz said,

    Hi – thank you for the reply – I did find ER on Cincoflex’s site and got my fix that way. I’m still enjoying the Jupiter Ascending tales.Take care and have a good day..

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