June 4, 2017

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Thursday morning, I put off work to go purchase the new Lego Saturn V rocket, since the employee I talked to thought it might sell out before the end of the day.  It’s a meter high when assembled, with just under 2000 pieces and an instruction book that has almost 200 pages.  The interior is a Lego equivalent of what was actually inside the rocket.

Today, I gave it to my godson as a birthday present.

Six hours later:


He had to get technical help once, and physical help a few times (his fingers weren’t strong enough).  Aside from that, he put it together by himself, steady and busy and often standing on one leg like a stork.

He’s nine.

It’s almost as tall as he is.  It’s a set designed for adults, that took two grown men four hours to put together in tandem.

His fingers will hurt tomorrow.  My brain hurts now.

His verdict?  “The best Lego set ever.”