April 19, 2017

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So, today I got one of these things.  

I spent an interesting few minutes torn between my inner nine-year-old and my mature this-is-silly self, and almost didn’t give into the marketing, in large part because it would have been embarrassing to go in and ask for it.

But the more I thought about it, the more that attitude seemed to be misogynistic–because it was brightly colored with pink, and fantastical and frivolous, it was therefore not worth my attention?  Pah.  And it looked kind of fun.

(I avoided the embarrassment factor neatly by doing a mobile order.  First time, too.)

Plus, I grew up in the ‘80s, when unicorns were a Thing.  I always preferred pegasi, because they can fly, but unicorns were close behind.  I never really believed in fairies or trolls, but unicorns…well.  Can you prove that they don’t?


(Look, it matches my shoes!)

It brightened my day a little.  And I thought–I need to chase unicorns more often.  Not necessarily bright pink-and-blue drinks, but the small elusive moments that make me laugh.  Rare, beautiful, whimsical.  Bumblebees.  Nifty clouds.  Terrific book covers.  Exquisite puns.  You know.

I realize that sounds like a dippity-doo inspirational Pinterest article, but who cares.  They’re my unicorns to chase.