June 21, 2009

First define normal. *sigh*

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Thoughts on watching Game 6, in my usual scattershot style:

Not my kind of movie, but not completely boring.

Paisley (??!) has stepped straight out of the Eighties. Except possibly for her shoes.

In the bathtub??

Nice cat. *grin*

I am totally in love with Pop. He’s the most genuine character I’ve seen yet.

Okay, the image of Mr. Downey dressed up like someone cosplaying the King of the Goblins–badly–is worth the price of admission right there. Assuming I admitted to anything.

Protagonist is a freak. Seriously.

Now he looks like he’s cosplaying Amadeus. Still badly.

The lady taxi driver is not a character, she is a device. And her teeth are blinding me, though that may be my computer’s fault.

Oh, this is the Eighties? Seriously, how can you tell until the TV says so? Unless you follow baseball, I suppose.

Also, no cell phone, but that could be incidental.

Plot device with a small parrot.

I guess I’m too used to NYC looking shabby in films.

Why is he suddenly having hallucinations? It doesn’t follow.

This whole baseball thing is just ridiculous.

Drove through a war in Afghanistan. Oh dear.

It’s a good thing that poor girl is a fan too, I suppose. But really, what is there to like about the protagonist? Aside from his curiosity about the people he encounters.

I did like the last scene though, that was cute.

Can no one phone for a taxi in NYC? Does one only flag them down?


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