March 1, 2009

Ears to You, Mr. Stark

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This drabble is entirely Cincoflex’s fault.  Yep.

Ears to You, Mr. Stark

Rhodey watched Tony cross the living room, the colonel’s head cranking around so far it should have given him a spasm.  Tony ignored him ostentatiously, descending the workshop stairs.

Rhodey finally looked at Pepper, typing demurely on her laptop.  “Is he actually wearing bunny ears?”


Rhodey considered that for a moment.  “Good thing he isn’t going in to the office today.”

Pepper kept typing.  “Yep.”


She closed the laptop.  “Lost a bet.”

Rhodey grinned, and stood.  “‘Scuse me, gotta see a man about his headgear.”  At the stairs, he glanced back.  “You’re evil.”

Her smile was…wicked.  “Yep.”



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