February 24, 2009

Thoughts on watching “The Pick-Up Artist”

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Part of my general pattern of love a character, look up what else the actor has done.  Thank you, Netflix.

Oh, the eighties.

She’s a redhead, snerk.  Strawberry blonde at that.  And actually reasonably dressed, given the era.

He does do well with kids!

He’s wearing his watch on the left wrist this time.

Elvis?  He’s singing Elvis?  I’m terrified.

Good heavens, the man is hyper.

Let’s see, meaningless similarities–hair, classic car, womanizing…cheeseburgers…

I love Ms. Ringwald’s skin.  Luminous.

“I’m the amateur.”  Hee!

I suppose this is one of the films during which Mr. Downey was high.  I can’t really tell.  *eyeroll*

Who was it said eyes like a Jersey cow?  So very true…

This is one silly movie, and its attitudes about women are wince-making.  But it does have its moments.

(My father has seen Ms. Ringwald’s father perform a time or two.  Dad says he’s quite good.)


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