January 23, 2009


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Cincoflex talked me into posting this.  Call it another post-ep for Way to Go; rated G, and oddly enough, not GSR.

Jim looked up a minute later.  “Hey, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.”  Catherine blinked back a tear.  “Gil just left.”

His brows rose.  “Ah.”

With care, Jim fished in his pocket and brought out a handkerchief, passing it to her.  It was soft, and smelled of him, warm and citrus-crisp.

“Thanks.”  Catherine dabbed at her eyes, managing a smile.  “I know we haven’t always been on good terms…but I’m going to miss him.”

Jim’s mouth quirked, half-humor, half-sadness.  “Me too.”

Catherine refolded the hankie and took a restorative sip of coffee.  “You know where he’s going?”  She did, or at least she knew what Gil’s goal was, but she had the advantage of long friendship.

Jim really did have a wicked smile, she thought as he chuckled.  “Are you kidding?  I looked her up for him.”

They regarded each other in mutual, pleased conspiracy.  “He deserves it,” Jim added.

Catherine rolled her eyes.  “It’s about time.”

She lifted her cup in a toast, and Jim mirrored her.  “To Gil and Sara.”

His eyes glinted.  “To happily ever after.”

And as their cups touched, Catherine decided she believed.


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