January 22, 2009


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Picked this one up somewhere, it intrigued me.

Bold the clichés you have written, and italicize those you’ve considered writing.

Genderswap: Not really. Discussed it as a concept, but not as something I personally wanted to write.

Bodyswap: Thought about it, yes.

Drunk!fic: I’ve used it as a plot device, but not a plot.

Huddling together for warmth: Unfortunately, the fic stalled out and I will probably never finish it.

Undercover in a gay bar: Nope.

Pretending to be married: Um…yes… 😀

Secretly a virgin: No. I suppose I can see why someone would want to keep it a secret, but it seems a pretty strange idea for a plot to me.

Amnesia: Oh heck yes.

Cross-dressing: Not that I can remember.

Forced to share a bed: Yes indeed!

Aliens make them do it: But I’m not going to explain how, where, or who.

Wingfic: Er, what?

Mpreg: No, I find the idea generally silly. Though as an old friend once pointed out, Octavia Butler did it once very, very well.

Mistakenly assumed to be gay: Nope.

Let’s play truth or dare: Absolutely not. I find the idea of adults doing this to be strained at best.

Mary Sue fic: Aside from the stuff I wrote when I was twelve? *grin* Yes, as a pun, but again it will probably languish unfinished.

Aphrodisiacs: Do magical truth-forcing peaches count? No, I guess not, they didn’t have any sex.

Curtainfic: I had to look this one up, but yes, quite a bit. Mostly in the shorter ones.

Hurt/Comfort: By all means!

Apocalypse fic: Don’t think so.

Someone has a baby: Twice, I think.

Baby!fic: Nope.

Telepathic soulbonding: I really ought to take another look at that one, it had potential. And I can actually say that with a straight face…it’s all in the setting, believe me.

Werewolves mate for life: Do they?

If you want to know about any of these (except the aliens one) feel free to ask.


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