January 21, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 9:53 pm by vrtrakowski

Okay.  The main ringtone on my cellphone used to be the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme, not from any great love of the film (I’ve only seen it once) but because the Doctor Who theme wasn’t available until recently and that was about the only sci-fi-themed ringtone I could put up with.  I use my cellphone as an alarm just about every day, so that scrap of music got played several times most mornings, at least.

It’s been a couple of months since I switched over to the Doctor.  But this week I picked up a streaming radio station that plays soundtrack music, and just now it ran through the Close Encounters theme.

And every time those five notes played, my older cat would lift her head and squint at me, clearly disturbed from her nap attempt.  😀  I had no idea that my cat had adapted to my alarm…


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